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Marvel Studios’ Eternals – Fan Review

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Honestly, I thought this wasn’t as bad as the “critic” reviews make it out to be.
It wasn’t super great but not super terrible either, right in the middle.

Makkari had the best speedster action in any CBM, so gosh darn epic.
Druig and Sprite were well done
Ikaris and Sersi were great but there were some scenes that looked they didn’t have any.
Chemistry with each other.
Visuals were really great, gorgeous shots. Hope the MCU uses more on location shooting.
The Celestials were done amazingly,  The scale was amazing.
The scenes in the past
The Indian guy was hilarious

CGI wasn’t that great, deviants to be specific.
Angelina and Kumail was wasted, a shame.
Pacing issues in the first hour (but it really picked up in the second act)
Salma Hayek’s character was kind of just there.
Phastos wasn’t that great as a character.
CGI of a certain character at the end was atrocious for a 2021 blockbuster movie
Deviants was a plot device, it had both positives and negatives, but leaning towards the latter.

Overall conclusion: At it’s core was an indie drama movie with superheroes and cosmic gods and it’s quite evident that they can do Galactus justice.































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