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Best Places in Kandy for a One Day Family Picnic

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If your family decides to get a nature experience in the upcountry, then Kandy is the best place for it. As a World Heritage City, it consists of many religiously, culturally, and naturally valuable places. You can’t finish looking at the locations here in one day. So let see some of the best places in Kandy for a one-day tour.

Temple of the Tooth Relic

As you know, this is one of the holiest places of worship and pilgrimage of Buddhists around the world. In the morning, first, visit this place and take the blessings of Lord Buddha. It will be the best start for your family tour. Royal Palace of Kandy, Tusker “Raja” Museum, Temple of the Tooth Museum, National Museum of Kandy, and International Buddhist Museum are some of the main places here.

Royal Botanical Garden

Situated in Peradeniya, 5.5km to the west of the city of Kandy. There you can see more than 4000 species of plants, medicinal plants, and palm trees. This is a place that attracts millions of locals and foreigners. The best time to visit the garden is usually in the evening from 4 pm to 6 pm. You can enjoy the environment freely at this time.

Hanthana Mountain Range

Best for hiking and camping as this is a favorite destination among the mountain hikers in Sri Lanka. The mountain range consists of seven peaks, and the maximum height of is 3800 ft. The University of Peradeniya is situated adjacent to this mountain range. When you reach the peaks, you can see the Kandy city, the Knuckles range, the “thedolosbage” range of Aranayake, and the hills of the Sabaragamuwa region. You will need more than 3 hours to reach the peaks.

Udawatta Kale Forest Reserve

It contains a great variety of plant species, lianas, shrubs, and small trees. It is also popular with foreign tourists and bird watchers. The Royal pond, the “Kodimale” highest peak, “Senkanda” cave, “Cittavisuddhi” cave are some of the important places here. It has a nature education center at the southeastern entrance. So the children and students regularly visit there.

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