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How to Get Rid of Your Mobile Phone Addiction?

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Nowadays, we can see that everyone has a smartphone or iPhone. Most people don’t know how to live without their phones as they are so addicted to them. Constant distraction, health problems, ongoing expenses are some of the main issues of mobile addiction. So let see some simple tips to get rid of this.

Uninstall the apps related to social media and games

First, you try to remove all the unnecessary apps from your phone with social media and games. And try to use any browser to reach them if you need. By this, you will reduce the time spent on those unknowingly as you don’t have any direct app.

Turn off notifications

This tip is for the apps you are unable to remove. Try to customize the notifications as they increase your intention to use the phone. If you remove them, you don’t need to take much effort to ignore them. By this, you gradually reduce the focus on the phone.

Remove the phone before bed

Try to stop using the phone an hour before going to bed. Otherwise, you will be roaming it rather than focusing on sleep. So it is better to remove the phone and listen to music or reading the book before bed.

Use a wrist-watch

If you are in a habit to used the phone to know the time, you will not stop by just checking it. You will go beyond that and hang on to it for a considerable time. So it is better to use a timepiece to know the time.

Install an app that limits smartphone usage

Some apps help you to reduce your phone addiction. So try to download such an app and keep your smartphone usage under check.

Try these simple tips continuously for a month, and you will feel that you can live without your phone.

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